GUYZ. Everybody knows about oldschool hippies in Goa injecting LSD-25 needlepoint doses and dancing all night long. Also, we heard of Mick Jagger`s daughter having an own jewellery store in the exact same place…WTF? This is all old, known, and not innovative to the point that we can access those places via Google Street View anyways so WHY would we mentally hang after imaginations of epic places?

Here is the solution. Just check out Lennart Girard’s trip to India. How he differentiates his offer? Well, he surfed there. Surfing in India is pretty much like trying to convince your local Chemistry teacher to synthesize some Crystal Meth. So it is exciting. Have fun.

Karmafaust - Surfing India from MKREUZBURG on Vimeo.

Originally swiss, world traveler Frederik van den Berg develops  an aesthetic that is beautiful because….It’s easy. 


The recent exorbitant affection of inclining to one or another side–  photographers nowadays either vulgarize with cold colors to show the “raw reality” or they belittle their view with warm, blurry 50mm close-ups of a girl they like–van den Berg’s eyes seem to find an equilibrium. They are able to catch the reality’s beauty when it`s due and to abandon the sugar frosting when there`s need to.

The pictures might show places that You already know. They don’t necessarily show new settings; mountains and jungles alike are widely visited areas on many of our friend’s backpacking tours. But here comes the surprise:

Before, you just remembered how it was at these places. Or you can imagine. This is nice.  But by looking at these pictures, you suddenly recall the whole situation related to it: You feel. 

The whole point behind it is that of course, photographers could duct-tape a million-dollar .Red camera including a phantom flex system on their chest and do the most adventurous shot ever. Does this make me feel good? No. Apart from the fact that van den Berg actually does those kinds of things as well and apart from the whole discussion about realness, authenticity and art-versus-entertainment-and-capitalism, screw it. 

Go back to what u r good at, and become an expert on that.

Visit Frederik here


Pictures include movement, natural habitats, subcultural dives, 

No Surf? Stuff to do at flatness

Kaos member Nina moved from Germany to Lisbon some months ago. She lives in one house with 15 people and awesomeness and waves are what count there. Some flatmates went a bit farer than just the nice-looking homebeach of Carcavelos to totally get barreled and shit. Turned out there was no waves. What now?

Whatevs, yo. Since Portugal is not only known for mediocre, salted and boringly dry fish, check out how Nazaré looked like on a medicre-big, salted and awesomely un-dry day. 

Brit-pop icon Tom, Holmstrøm apparel-hawker Fabi and carnival-crazy Pokémon trainer Lucas gettin mentally ready to get barreled

Californian sushi lover Sam with beanie and no fun

The guy in the middle once had a normal name. Now it’s Achmed. Lucas knows why. 

It’s better like that 

christmas angels’ trumpets 
christmas angels’ trumpets 

christmas angels’ trumpets 


This is sunday melancholic sound

Friday thoughts. This is what it’s like to sit close to the beach in a café. Sunny days. 

We haven’t been sexy for a while. It’s on again.
We haven’t been sexy for a while. It’s on again.

We haven’t been sexy for a while. It’s on again.

Air terminals

Better keep track of Bern-based Iwan and Raphael’s imagery. Dream mode: On



Persona non grata

is a person neglecting his relationship to the person he pretends to love most. 

Whenever we will encounter you again: Be sure that we know. And be sure that we remember, even if we forgave you. Over.